Before I Go: Holly, MI Renaissance Fair

So I have LOTS of things to do before I leave and one of then most important is spending time with friends and family.

Today Brian, Ebony, and my brother Jorge went on our fourth annual trip to the Michigan Renaissance Festival in Holly, MI.

I never buy much but I still love going!!

I got Ty (my sister) a turkey leg made of what must be  illegal substances made to taste like turkey with a dopamine factor of 10/10!!!!

Saw a joust and totally cheered for the Darkside.

“Blood Makes The Grass Grow”- Joust M.C. Ren-Fair 2015

This was Brian’s 1st Ren-Fair EVER because he’s lame….I mean he’s an adult with responsibilities and had to put those first in previous years…


(Ebony, Me, Brian)                                               My brother took the pictures. Thanks!!!

We also had dinner at White Castle in Flint, MI where we discovered (Gaspatha!!!) that Brian had NEVER EVER had White Castle!!!!

Now, now, don’t judge Brian because the true fault lies with me and Ebony. We failed him as friends.

We picked up a Crave Case of 30, went to town, and now he’s hooked and me and Ebony are redeemed.

Got home around 6:30 Post Meridiem and we all sat down and watched a movie.


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