Before I Go: Holly, MI Renaissance Fair Part 2

So I seem to be getting in all of the Ren-Fair I can handle this year. Usually it’s only a single annual event but since I said that I am leaving it seems to be the place everyone wants to spend their last days with me.
But let me back up a little becuase this advenuture did not begin with renfair. It actually started with Mainstage in Mt. Pleasant MI. Its a community event hosted by Central Michigan University (CMU) where all the vendors, restaurants, and clubs in the school and Mt. Pleasant area. There’s food, coupns, free bags and lanyards, and more coupons. We didnt get our usual haul but we still did good. Scored some free bags, ROTC lanyards, cookies, and T-shirts.

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We spent our Saturday (8/29) evening stuffing out faces and bags with free stuff. It wasn’t until Sunday that we went to Ren-Fair.

This round of Ren-Fair was with my friend DeVera, new friend Nyanontee, and of course my nephew C.J.

This was Nyanontee’s first Ren-Fair too and she loved it!! All of the vendors and food will definitely have her coming back next year.

One of the vendors was selling fairy wands filled with glitter so guess where C.J. ended up…baby flirting with the lady holding the glitter wand. It only got worse when he saw the glass dragons…

Every year there’s a fairy house competition and C.J. almost killed me when he saw them because he decided to take me in a direction I didn’t know we were going.

Oh, and don’t ask me who won, how you participate or anything else. All I know is that those fairies are living nicer than some people I know.

Sometime later, thats’ 3 doughnuts, onion rings, fried mushrooms, and a large cup of apple cider in food time, we were on our way out and I saw I Great Dane that I had to get a picture of C.J. with.

We concluded our night (without C.J.) by going to Heck’s bar for a going-away-party for my friend/co-worker Jordan. There was a good turn out and we had a good time doing the karaoke.