A Night in Melba’s Harlem

So far I’v given my paternal (The Martinez family) side a lot of props for culture and heritage, so now its time to brag about my maternal side (The Crawford) of the family

Let the shameless bragging begin!!!

My Uncle Raymond “Music is Life”, Uncle Martin, and cousin “Choclatt” Jared are musicians (drummer primarily but they do produce). They were the forerunners of bucket drumming that started in the 90’s (I think) in the subways and on the street corners. Since then they have been a part of numerous musical events including but not limited to the (4) Tony Award winning musical “Bring in Da Noise/Bring in Da Funk”Melba’s Restaurant, and where ever else music is happening in NYC and beyond. They also produce but I’m not in the loop on that.

See “Choclatt” Jared perform here.

Melbas- me and Jared
Me & Cousin Jared @ Melba’s

See my Uncle Ray perform here.

Melba's- Me and Uncle Marky @ Melbas
Me and Uncle Marky @ Melba’s

More bragging here and here.

So now on to the actual story. On Tuesday nights  you can find my uncles and cousin performing at Melba’s. As for the other days of the week I don’t really know because they are always doing something.

So guess where I was on on Tuesday (10/6)?

Yeah, I was at Melba’s enjoying amazing food and the best entertainment in NYC (in my very biased opinion).

It was 3 hours of great food and great entertainment and it was packed from performance start at 8 p.m. until close at 11. They had a hard time getting people out.

I went with my Grandma Annette and we had an amazing time. She had the BBQ turkey meat loaf  & I had salmon with mac & cheese with spinach and it was AMAZING!!

Melba's Harlem- salmon
image courtesy of harlemcondolife.com because I forgot to take a picture

They were performing live and because my video recording skills are abysmal and the room was dark (mostly I just technology suck) and since I know people don’t want to see snippets of my knee bouncing to the beat I wont embed the video but I’ll put the links up here, here, here.

—————————–> here too.

Oh, and over there <————————–

It was sort of a karaoke thing as well except with people with actual talent. You can hear them here and here.

Oh and Just ’cause I’m a braggart (I warned you all at the beginning of this post)

Aqui y mi prima Latice aqui.

So lets just end with I had one of the best nights ever at Melba’s and the next time anyone finds themselves in NYC definite make this a destination. Preferably on a Tuesday night of course ;p


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