Training village and Masembe

This post will be brief because I’m typing this on my phone and I plan on expanding this post at a later date.

After leaving the metro district call Kimbo we were sent to our training villages to learn language and culture. The main languages are Mandinka, Wolof, Pullar, and Sarahule. I was sent to a Mandinka village.

After 7 days in village we had a traditional naming ceremony ( I’ll elaborate on that in another post) forz the 11 volunteers in my village.

I was given the name Mbassi Sanneh. Sanneh is the surname of my host family in training village and Mbassi is the name of my oldest host sister (age 30).
Since then I’ve been slowly acquiring the language with the help of my Language &Cultural Facilitator (LCF) Bakari Camara.

We also have frequent trips to a Peace Corps training site called  Massembeh where we conduct trainings such as

-intro to Agro-Forestry
-intro to bee keeping
-intro to soil conservation
Since I’m an agriculture volunteer all of trainings are agriculture based while the Health volunteers have trainings for the sector.

That’s all for now and I’ll hopefully be able to add pics in the coming weeks


Pics of Massembeh


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