Trainging Village- My daily life in Kaiaf

-6:45 wake up and get ready for language school

A (slow) morning in Kaiaf video link.

Me and Backari Camara. He’s a native Gambian and has been a Language and Cultural Facilitator for the Peace Corps for over 10 years. He’s a great teacher & and even better person. He’s in charge of helping my quartet learn Mandinka

– 8am to 11 language school with a break a half hour brain break 9:30
– 11am go home and spend time with my host family or nap. I usually nap…
– 1pm lunch time or kontong wattoo in Mandinka
– 2pm lunch is over and we can go hang out or if there are any culture or language questions we ask our LCF Bakari
– 2 to whenever is personal and study time. Sometimes I study or go to another volunteer s compound and study or just relax but I’m usually home by 5 to sit and practice language at my compound.


3 thoughts on “Trainging Village- My daily life in Kaiaf

  1. Glad to hear your doing well. Hang in there. I will be waiting for those pictures. I can only dream of your experience. I am ready to get the ____ out of here!! Take Care of yourself.


  2. Like the pics. They sent the right person for the job.Stay focused and stop thinking about that PlayStation. Watch out for them lefty’s.


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