Braids of The Gambia-Tabaski Edition

Before I came to The Gambia one of the things I was most curious about the different hairstyles that people do here. You see the usual corn rows and ponytails but some the styles I’ve seen here I’ve never seen in the states. I’m only 26 and I haven’t seen everything but still…why haven’t I seen these styles in the states yet? These girls are gorgeous and rockin their hair and new outfits for Tabaski.

So weave aside, except for a few pics, here are some completely natural hairstyles.

Sorry about the quality but these ladies are camera shy. Stuff about cameras taking your soul if you look directly into them…tobaski-hair-17tobaski-hair-16tobaski-hair-3tobaski-hair-2tobaski-hair-14tobaski-hair-13tobaski-hair-12tobaski-hair-11tobaski-hair-10tobaski-hair-9tobaski-hair-8tobaski-hair-6tobaski-hair-4


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