Meet My Counterparts-Foday Drammeh

This is Foday Drammeh. He also volunteers to work with TAD while also taking care of his elderly father and practically running his compound. Even with all of those responsibilities Foday still finds the time to let me drag him to Peace Corps trainings. Right now he’s has experimental upland rice plots and is working a cashew and mango orchard.

That’s Foday on the left and his cousin Tatai on the right

He is also president of the youth group in his Home village, Perai Tenda, as well as local soccer player and judge/recorder person (I don’t know soccer so someone help!!)

Mango Seedlings On the right and left. The tiny ones are Lucena (a nitrogen-fixing tree)


Bean field.Improved 55 day variety. 
Dwarf Papaya



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