ALERT-Graphic Animal Slaughter Material to Follow. Turn back if Squeamish!!! Follow this link to see the less graphic photos

Tabaski or Eid al-Adha  (“Festival of the Sacrifice”), also called the “Sacrifice Feast”, is the second of two Muslim holidays celebrated worldwide each year, and considered the holier of the two. It honors the willingness of Ibrahim (Abraham) to sacrifice his son, as an act of submission to God‘s command, before God then intervened sending his angel Jibra’il (Gabriel) to inform him that his sacrifice had already been accepted. The meat from the sacrificed animal is divided into three parts. The family retains one third of the share; another third is given to relatives, friends and neighbors; and the remaining third is given to the poor and needy.

-Thanks Wikipedia

Now that that lengthy explanation is out of the way I can tell you how I spent my Tabaski.

I was invited by counterpart and friend Foday Drammeh to spend Tabaski with him and his family.  the best (or worst depending on who you’re talking to) part of Tabaski is the slaughter of the ram. Not only it is religiously significant in the Muslim faith it also mean that there ‘s meat. You see most days there isn’t any meat and very little protein available for the whole family so this holiday is nutritionally significant as well as religiously important here in The Gambia. Oh and we get to slaughter a ram.

I named him Tabaski
Facing east for the slaughter
I didnt know this little guy was going down too or else I wouldnt have let him watch his sheep friend go down


Brother/cousin bonding. Only men slaughter the ram
Foday is looking at the Camera.

Tatai is the one bending over pretending to help. He just wanted to be in the picture. He said he wasnt dress for slaughter.

Had to move from the sun


Off to the leather man



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