Care-Package Request list

Please keep in mind that I am Preservative intolerant when buying things

Beef Jerky-No spicy please (Ollie’s near Kroger has it for $3-4)

Zyrtec-Thanks Mom!!!! (Kroger has 180 pills for $30)/Benedryl

Canned fruit-peaches, pineapples

Chocolate- Dove or Hershey original

Wipes and/or anti-bacterial wipes – no toilet paper here

Cereal-berry crunch, frosted flakes, anything with marshmallows, honey comb


Dried Cranberries

Sunflower seeds

Dried pineapples/apples (natural please no added sugar)

(This list will be modified and updated as I get more craving for American foods)


One thought on “Care-Package Request list

  1. Hi twin. I got you with the wipes. I carry some always with me those just in case situations. I will keeping an eye out for your list as it grows. I


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