On My Way to NYC

After my Uncle Miked picked me up from the airport I spent the night at his and my Auntie Marilyn’s house in Pennsylvania. I sat around the rest of the night and Saturday just watching movies and bonding with my cousins.

Sunday (10/4) we headed to NYC for mass and Garifuna cultural ceremony remembering the dead, specifically my biological dad and cousin Eddie because they passed the most recently, but its honoring all deceased relatives.

For those of you living vicariously through me here is what you would see entering the city.

Oh and tolls are $14…ONE WAY!!!

Here the George Washington Bridge that crosses the Hudson River into Manhattan. Two tiers of pure NYC traffic and more congested than a hypochondriac during flu season.

After crossing the bridge we finally got into the city and made our way to the Church in the Bronx for mass

Just a pic of the city
Just a pic of the city