Renfair in Holly 2015

Since I’m going to be gone for 27 months I’m trying to cram friend-time in.

Me, Ebony, Brian, and my brother Jorge went to Renaissance Fair in Holly, MI

Its my 4th year going, Ebony and my brother’s 3rd.

What I didn’t know before we got there was that this is Brian’s first Ren-Fair EVER because he’s lame…. I mean he a responsible adult who had other priorities in previous years…

**Cough**  Not a legitimate excuse **Cough**

Any way….

I never buy much but I love to walk around and see all of the nifty stuff the artisans there create. This year I

I ate a chicken-n-dumpling bread bowl

Saw a Joust

Watched the glass blowing show

I got one of those turkey legs that must be made with illegal substances because the dopamine factor is 10/10!!


(Me, Brian, and Ebony. My Brother took the picture.)

After the fair we decided to go out to White Castle because we were passing Flint.

When we get there Brian tells us that he’s NEVER been to White Castle.     !!!!!Gaspatha!!!!!

Don’t judge Brian because its not his fault… me and Ebony failed him as friends.

But it’s O.K., we got a 30 slider crave case and now Brian is hooked and me and Ebony have redeemed ourselves.

Got home and we all crashed on the couch. Brian and Ebony were supposed to leave tonight but the itis set in and we watch “First Period” on Neflix and finished off the crave case.