Things I NEVER thought I’d think or say until I came to Gambia

-I dont think I’ll kill crickets in my room because they drown out the people talking.

-Vultures have replaced pigeons

-I tried to feed the vultures because I forgot they weren’t ducks..

-Goats are shifty

-I wish the chickens would wait until later to fight on my roof

-ants are nice they carry away the bugs that die in my room

-I wonder how long I can poop before I star attracting flies? (outdoor pit latrine)

11/28 update
“Why is there a chicken in my bathroom”?- Alejandro

– At my 2 day while training permanent site visit.
OMG there are so many crickets on my wall…. I wonder if I can catch a lizard back at training village to keep here to eat these things???
10 min later…
Yay!!!! I have a house lizard thank goodness…

The ants here are lazy. The ones in training village never left dead bugs on the floor over night… I need new ants.

– I didn’t kill the spiders because they ate the bugs but then I realized I prefer a house lizard because the eat the bugs and spiders.

– I d rather clean up lizard poop than dead spiders….

-I hope there are no donkeys on the road today, they slow down traffic.

-Cheering on and video taping by bathroom lizard hunting roaches
Being able to wash my underwear in a sink with running water is so posh- Erin


I left bacon for this…..what was I thinking!!!

Sorry my (host) dad didn’t show up for the village meeting, he has malaria…

Yes , of course porcupine meat prevents and cures cancer….

….and the list goes on


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